Adding a new discord bot

When writing a discord bot, even if only for your own server, you need to use oauth to validate it. I wrote the following script to make it easy on myself, since i’m more than likely to do it again and forget how in the future. Make sure you have bottle, requests and discordpy (the bot framework i was writing in) runt hen simply browse to http://localhost:8080

Adding TLS to edgeos via

Basic guidelines to setup with your dnsapi

Java URL Pattern Matching Gotchas

An analysis of Java web container pattern matching for servlets and spring

Compiling iOS Libraries using Theos

Compiling iOS shared libraries with theos

Method patching on iOS applications

Method patching a function (e.g. a JailBreak check) on a rooted iOS device

Pretty Print XML

Pretty print XML in the console

Derbycon 2012 CTF - Crypto Challenge

Solving a CTF Crypto Challenge