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Method patching on iOS applications

Summary These are the steps needed to crack (method patch the jailbreak function) an iOS application to work on a rooted iOS device. This example uses “” from within OSX Lion. Mileage may vary. Requirements iOS Physical device rooted with … Continue reading

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Pretty Print XML

Put this python file in your path to get the following: #!/usr/bin/env python “”” Command-line tool to validate and pretty-print XML. Based on `pjson` but without the crap. Usage:: $ echo ‘<bunk atr=”hello”>world</bunk>’ | pxml <?xml version=”1.0″ ?> <bunk atr=”hello”> … Continue reading

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SiteMesh 2 Undecorated AJAX requests

Note: Only after testing and writing this did I realize this is not a good idea. I will leave this up in the case it helps someone do something else, but this is a poor way to do this. I … Continue reading

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